Become A Vendor


  • We operate from October through May
  • On Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm
  • Tables are 8″ and we provide them
  • Max of 2 tables per vendor
  • You can book as many or as few weeks as you want
  • Our limit is 45 tables
  • Easy access, 3 different entries/loading zone
  • Beautiful, modern and spacious facility
  • We promote you on Instagram & Facebook
  • Your Instagram OR Facebook feed will be featured on this website
  • Applications are paperless. Everything must be filled online
  • Fast approvals
  •  CCFM is a PRE-PAY market. Your stall must be paid before the market day.
  • E-transfer or Credit Card
  • Booking is done online the same way if you purchased a ticket for a show. You book and pay ahead for as many or few dates you want.
  • Cost per table is $30
  • 10% Discount when booking 5 or more tables/week at once ($27 a table)
  • Annual membership fee of $10


Please like the Market’s page, then request to join the vendors’ group

Easiest and fastest way to reach us is thought the Facebook page /Instant messenger

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STEP 3 & 4

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