CCFM Rules & Regulation

  1. All products and vendors must comply with all regulations set forth by Alberta Agriculture and Alberta Health Services.
  2. All products sold at Camrose Campus Farmers’ Market must be homemade (handcrafted), locally grown, locally raised or home baked as per the Alberta Agriculture requirements.
  3. All products sold at Camrose Campus Farmers’ Market must conform to Alberta Health Regulations and Standards of Cleanliness. All vendors selling consumable food products (includes pet food products) MUST provide a copy of their AHS Food Sanitation & Hygiene Certification and/or Home Study Course Certification with their application and will display their certificate on their table; visible to customers at ALL times.
  4. Vendors may only sell products which have been approved by the market manager. Any changes or additions to products must be requested in advance of market day.
  5. All products sold at the market must be high quality. Used or flea sale items are prohibited.
  6. Vendors must have products to sell at the market. Vendors wanting only to advertise products or services will not be accepted into the market.
  7. All vendors are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner at the market. Expected conduct includes proper attire, language, attitudes, and business practices. Offensive or disruptive conduct is prohibited.
  8. Vendors are not permitted to leave their tables to acquire customers, or to distract customers while they are at vendors’ tables.
  9. All vendors are encourage to have a minimum of $1,000,000 liability insurance. Vendors that do, are required to provide a copy of certificate of insurance naming the following as additional insured: Augustana Chaplaincy and Augustana Campus. Other will have to sign the waiver as part of the application.
  10. Weekly vendors are required to reserve stall space a minimum of 24 hours prior to opening time market day.
  11. Vendors must be setup by 9h45 and no take down before 2pm. Vendors arriving late will receive one (1) verbal warning on first offence. On second offence a a final written warning will be sent. On a third late appearance vendor will be refused to the market that day.
  12. All equipment, displays and signs must be placed within the allotted vendor space. Windows shall not be used to hand signage or material
  13. Market stall allocation will be based on an overall market plan. Vendor spacing and placement is at the sole discretion of the market manager. Vendors are not guaranteed the same stall each week. The manager reserves the right to change vendor locations within the market at any time.
  14. Vendors are required to be in their tables no later than 30 minutes prior to opening time. Tables which are vacant after this time may be assigned to another vendor.
  15. No vendor will sell any product to the public prior to the market opening at 10:00 am and no vendor may disassemble their stall prior to 2:00 pm closing time. No exceptions. A bell will be rung to begin the market as well as to close the market.
  16. Vendors are responsible for removing all garbage and recycling from their area.
  17. Vendors may not trade, loan, give or sublease the table assigned to them. Tables may not be shared.
  18. CCFM operates on a pre-paid basis. Tables must be paid by 6pm Friday. Vendors arriving with cash on the day of the market will be assess a $10 surchage fee.