Vendor arrival instructions

If this is your first time at the Augustana Campus here is what to expect and the best direction for you to drive in and unload.

Whether you come north bound on 50th st from the ring road or South bound from HWY 13, most of you will want to turn on 46 Ave(red arrows) and take your first right which is the main entry.

The main building is circled in yellow with the 3 main entries. During market, the gates that normally block the pathway will be OPENED so you can bring your vehicle all the way to E1 (Entry 1)

This week we will have the following 3 sections

1st Make it section will be Artisan & commercial which will be between E1 & E2
2nd Bake it section will be the food processors and bakers around E2
3rd Grow/Raise it section will be farming, between E1 & E3

If you are in the Grow/Raise it group (produce/meat & eggs) I suggest you try the E3 entry by taking the 44th Ave entry marked in yellow. This is not a parking but a perfect loading zone right at the door of where your section will be. You would then have to go and park in P2 or P3

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  1. This will be my first Saturday at the market. What is the earliest I can come to set up and who do I speak with to show me which table is mine?

    • Hi
      Welcome to your first market 🙂
      Depending on your set-up time you can come as early as 8h30. As long as you are ready to sell by 10am. Use the pathway between the Theather and the Main building. You will see open gates. Drive your vehicle all the way to the doors. Unload and when done park your vehicle in any of the parking outside the gates (P1-P2-P3).
      Your table will be identified by name. You will be near the main entry doors (E1)


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