Food Labeling Requirements

 Labelling requirements will be changing over the next few years, with the new regulation that came into effect this past January for Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). Keeping in mind that labelling requirements fall under CFIA, and we would just at most refer issues or concerns over to them. As you are aware they are different labelling requirements for those selling at Farmers’ Markets vs the general public market and etc…  This new regulation has implications for those who also only sell within the province their product is being produced in. My limited understanding is that there will be a gradual role out of who is expected to be in full compliance with it and by when .

Here is the general regular food producer requirements in regards to labeling and having your product for sale outside of the location it is being made at, with the exception of Farmers’ Markets. Please refer to the information below.

·         To have your product for sale outside of place of production than you should ensure that your products comply with Canadian Food Inspection Agencies labeling requirement. I have included some contact numbers below. I have included the link to CFIA labeling requirements which can be found below, and contact numbers to assist.


o   “Labelling questions should be directed to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. It is the vendor’s responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the information that appears on their labels.

o   Edmonton office: 780-495-7023”

·         Safe Food  for Canadians Regulations

o   Information pages related to the new regulation and what businesses need to know

o   The Safe Food for Canadians Regulations are here:

o   Canadian Food Inspection Agency – Food business activities that require a licence under the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations: