Get In The Loop: Advertising open to all members

What is Get In The Loop (GITL)?
Get In The Loop is an advertising app (android/iphone) dedicated to local business advertising. The market has its own account and we have the privilege to extend this service to CCFM members.
For more complete information you can read here
 What do I need to do to get in?
Glad you asked 🙂

  • You need to be a paid member
  • You need to have a paid booked table on the Monday preceeding the Saturday market
  • You need to provide us with ALL the required information (more below)
  • You need to provide a picture in .png, .jpg or .jpeg format
  • It has to be square between 960x960px to 2500x2500px. If it is not square it might get truncated by the app and will not look like what you meant it to be.

For this coming Saturday December 14, I will choose first come first serve
When will I see my ad?
Every week we have a maximum of 4 available spots. We will rotate those spots among vendors. I will be using the booked (paid) tables list on Monday and move down the list every week as long as you have an Aad in order.
Once your Ad is in the system it is permanent. I simply have to activate and desactivate them on a weekly basis to do the rotation. So on your art you provide me with the info only once. (Unless you want to make a change)
The only way to see your Ad is to download the GITL app on your phone. If you do not see your Ad and it is in the system it is simply not your week.
What does it look like?

The specificsAs you can see from the above picture. I need

  1. Headline ( I did this one myself quickly but the Headline should be a call to action Come Get Your FREE! Apple Cinnamon Muffin). The more precise it is the better.
  2. Sub headline ( be creative – Our best selling items)
  3. Details about your business/products/offer (this is the time to be “salesy” and tell the world how good you are 🙂
  4.  Your promo code. (What GITL users need to tell you to get their special offer
  5. Any terms or condition that applies. Like Limited supply if your offer is for a specific product for example
    ( I will automatically add “Only redeemable during market hours this week”) 
  6. Your picture(png/jpg/jpeg ONLY) 960x960px to 2500x2500px

IT IS YOUR AD. Do what makes most sense for your business. Send this info and attach your picture to [email protected] Subject lineGITL Offer Reminder: No offer no Ad. You need to provide GITL members an exclusive offer not available to your current customers. As a business if you were to use GITL it would cost you $225/mo. There over 1600 Camrosian that have the app on their phone.  This is a captive and engaged customer audience ready to use their privilege to know you better and try out your products. This is what I need to input looks like

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